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Trakware and Trace Partner to Deliver Complementary Solution to Custom Manufacturers and Fabricators

Business and Quality Management leaders team up to empower decision makers to take immediate action to optimize profitability, product quality and customer service.

Edmonton, Alberta (PRWEB) August 27, 2010

Trakware Systems Inc., a leading software company focused on business management solutions for custom manufacturers and fabricators, and Edmonton based Trace Applications, widely accepted as the deFacto standard for traceability software in Alberta and worldwide MTR/ traceability solution leader, are proud to announce their complementary software partnership to provide integration between TRAKware and MetalTrace applications, and bring a stronger offering to their respective customers.

Legislation, regulation and litigation, have created documentation overload for companies and this trend will continue. Standards bodies (like ISO, ANSI and ASME), governments at all levels and industry associations are implementing laws and regulations that require firms to track documents and processes as they apply to products and procedures within their companies. This has created a situation whereby companies often require documentation from suppliers that they did not need before. Consequences for not taking document and records management are quite serious. In addition to government sanctions or fines, the growing occurrence of litigation is a massive concern.

Custom manufacturers and fabricators must not only contend with global competition, increasing customer demands, and the need to improve their productivity and efficiency, they must also estimate new products, manage difficult and ongoing changes in engineering, control costs, resources, and services - for highly complex product life-cycles with long lead times.

The above highlights key problems that currently exist for custom manufacturing and fabrication environments:

  • Poor scheduling and purchase of raw material and consumables. Materials being ordered piecemeal and being received at various stages of production leading to loss of productivity and man-hours;
  • Poor traceability of material and manpower in the shop. Items being received without MTR (Material Test Report), material not being adequately checked against the received paperwork. Materials earmarked for one project, diverted to another, without documentation. Inadvertent material grade substitution. Non stamping;
  • Lack of transparency and accountability with shop operations. Issuing of drawings to the shop floor and scheduling production while being aware that engineering/design revisions are in the pipeline;

Which presented an excellent opportunity for two Edmonton, Alberta based software companies to team up and resolve.

"High standards of profitability, product quality and customer service exist as client expectations continue to increase, as companies drive out of the recession. To remain competitive, these companies must adapt to changes in client expectations of service and product quality while maintaining or improving the seemingly conflicting goal of profitability," states Ted Power, President of Trace Applications. "Tightening the integration between TRAKware and MetalTrace software will allow our customers meet strict quality standards -and- be both profitable and productive."

Randy Richel, CEO of Trakware Systems comments, "We are very pleased to be forming this strategic alliance with Trace Applications. Our software offerings complement each other perfectly, and will result in mutually beneficial ways that allow us to extend our respective offerings to new and existing customers - on a global scale."

About Trace Applications Inc.

Trace Applications delivers MTR, MSDS and other specialized document management software for Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/ QC). Trace delivers software for document imaging and document management to enable 100% tracking and traceability of Mill Test Reports (MTR), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), food, tools, inventory and job data reports. Businesses in the metals industry, food and those dealing with chemicals and dangerous goods benefit from the industry best practices and the workflow improvements achieved as a result of using Trace software. www.traceapps.com

About Trakware Systems Inc.

Founded in 1995, Trakware Systems specializes in business management solutions for custom manufacturing and fabrication environments to improve their ability to consistently manage expectations: profitability, productivity and communication. TRAKware software empowers business-critical functions such as estimating, advanced scheduling, job costing, production management, inventory, capacity management and planning, shop floor and field installation labor/material data collection. TRAKware integrates with existing ERP and MRP systems, and leading software providers for financial accounting (Intuit QuickBooks, Sage, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Oracle Financials), engineering design, optimization, payroll and wireless. TRAKware's innovative and proven parametric configuration engine provides leading benefits to engineering, estimating and manufacturing, throughout the entire manufacturing process. The advanced data exchange interface enables import/export of text files to spreadsheets as well as ODBC compliant databases, and comprehensive XML open standard capability. TRAKware benefits all custom manufacturing industries, such as: Store Fixtures, Architectural Woodworking, Cabinets & Casegoods, Doors & Windows, Furniture, Oil and Gas Engineering and Fabrication , Solid Surface, Metal, Yachts, Plastic Injection Molding and Electronics.


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