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Where is MetalTrace® Used?

MetalTrace® is used world wide. To see exactly where we are installed, click the link below and see how MetalTrace® has spread across our planet.


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MetalTrace® is the world's #1 Mill Test Report, MTR Database Software.
MetalTrace® has over 350,000 users worldwide

MetalTrace® is a Document Management & Traceability MTR Database Software that is used throughout the metals industry. The world's #1 metals industry, Mill Test Report, MTR Database Software, MetalTrace®, is used by companies who manufacture, distribute and fabricate high grade steel and alloy products in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Holland, France, Ireland,Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Dubai, India, China, Hong Kong and Australia and has more users than any competing product. MetalTrace® can enable your business to attain 100% traceability of critical Mill Test Report (MTR) documentation, with a wide offering of products, and services. Prices starting as low as $5,000 to purchase and $500/month for software as a service(SaaS).

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The Top 10 reasons to buy MetalTrace®

10. Store and search for MTRs with up to 40 search fields. MetalTrace® doesn’t limit you.
9. Use any internet browser, ie. Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, etc.
8. Modern technology – modern interface that is compatible with Windows 7, 8 or 10.
7. Batch searching – search for one or many MTRs with one or many Heat Numbers.
6. Print, email or fax – send documents with just one click from MetalTrace®.
5. Store more than just MTRs – some MetalTrace® users store over 25 different types of documents.
4. ERP integration – compatible with every ERP system that exists on the planet.
3. ElectroMagically™ submit or receive documents from your suppliers eliminating the cost of manual entry and errors,using MetalTrace2MetalTrace™ or Import2Trace™.
2. TraceBack™ - provides 100% traceability to audit where products were sold or used.
1. The #1 reason to buy MetalTrace®…over 350,000 users worldwide can’t all be wrong.

MetalTrace® Products

MetalTrace® offers a full range of industry specific document management software which, as you well know, one size does not fit all. Consequently, MetalTrace® delivers business specific software, that can operate out of the box or be totally customized for a company’s needs. Due to the ingenious design of MetalTrace®, everything can be configured to match the workflow for a particular company. If someone asks, “Can you make it do this?" The answer is YES because if you can verbalize it, MetalTrace® can configure it to work exactly the way you want it to work. MetalTrace® can change to match your processes, so you don’t have to change the way you do business.

MetalTrace®... End Your MTR Nightmare