Trace Applications Inc. created and delivers the MetalTrace® suite of products for traceability of MTRs, MSDS and other specialized document management software for Quality Assurance and Quality Control, to more metals industry companies than any other competing product. Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Trace is a privately owned and operated company.

MetalTrace® is MTR software for document imaging and document management to enable 100% tracking and traceability of Mill Test Reports, Material Test Reports (MTRs), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Certs of Compliance, Drawings, Tests, Charts and all other QA/QC documentation. MetalTrace® is a mill test report database or MTR search engine for your company and enables your employees and customers to do an MTR lookup or MTR search for mill test reports. Businesses in the metals industry and those dealing with oil, chemicals and dangerous goods, benefit from the industry best practices and the workflow improvements achieved as a result of using MetalTrace®, metal trace software.

Many of the ideas and direction for the development of MetalTrace®, ScanStation™, BarcodeTrace™, MetalTrace2MetalTrace™, Import2Trace™, JobData Report™ and MTRCreator™ are a direct result of input from our clients and their employees. The Directors and Management of Trace Applications Inc. wish to thank all of you, publicly, at this time. Space does not permit us to name everyone, but you know who you are and we appreciate you and your constant support, new ideas and encouragement. 

Thank you.

The MetalTrace® Team

                                      MetalTrace® Service Philosophy

Trace doesn’t believe in simply providing “good service” because we feel “good service”, is just not good enough. MetalTrace® provides “Exceptional Service” as a minimum standard and we are proud to let you know what customers say about us, so please, read some of the comments we have received over the past several years. As a general rule, always check what current clients think about a company, before you give them your business. Please, do that with us and check us out. Over 500,000 users of MetalTrace® worldwide can’t all be wrong.  Our customers tell us our service is first-class and that is because our corporate motto is “Do things so well that our clients will want to see us do them again”. We strive to do more for you than any software company you have ever dealt with.