Flextech Industries

Established in 1988, Flextech Industries has quickly grown to be an industry leader. This accomplishment is directly a result of constant innovation and refinement of the manufacturing processes and in providing unparalleled quality. This enables Flextech to develop strong,continuing relationships with customers.

Until December 2014, Flextech used an internally developed program for MTR management, which allowed items to be stored and searched for by only one variable, the heat number. When Graham Talbot, Flextech General Manager was introduced to the functionality of MetalTrace®, the biggest advantage he immediately saw, was the ability to store not only MTRs but also other documents based on “massive amounts of information”. Another big draw was MetalTrace® had the ability to quickly compile and send large Data Packages with MTRs, drawings, CRNs and other documents to customers. Being able to provide Data Packages are a Value-Added Service for customers and are becoming more important, as the ever-increasing scrutiny of regulators and customer auditors demand greater amounts of and more complex documentation. Mr. Talbot enjoys telling the story of one customer who always made his purchase decision based upon the lowest price and specifically asked not to get document packages. Then one day, when he looked at the additional documentation provided by Flextech, because they were then using MetalTrace®, he realized the added value. Now he insists Data Packages be included with all his purchases.

An additional problem solved for Flextech by MetalTrace®, was in creating replacement document packages. Customers often call and say, “I lost the documents you sent me last month (or last week), can you send me a document package again?” Now, through using the TraceBack™ functionality to recreate the document packages, it takes about 30 seconds to do so. That compares favorably with the previous system, which took hours to do so. Generally staff would have to wait a couple of days before having the time to assemble a replacement document package, and the hope was that the customer would find the originals in the meantime.

The transition from the old system to MetalTrace® was done quickly and efficiently and the staff were trained in only a few hours. That is primarily because MetalTrace® is easy to learn to use and if something is forgotten, there are many tutorials on all the functions of MetalTrace® with just one click from the MetalTrace website and/or help is available by calling 866-429-7007 ext.1

Flextech’s largest customers have been canvassed about how they perceive the way that Flextech provides quality assurance Data Packages and they have all given the company the thumbs up. Suncor, Canada’s largest oil and gas company, said when asked, “You guys rock.”

A primary goal of Flextech is to comply with the regulations of and ensure that ABSA (Alberta Boilers Safety Association) which is responsible for the administration of all boiler and pressure vessel safety programs in Alberta, is satisfied with their product. Flextech products are utilized in the construction and maintenance of a wide variety and number of pressure vessels across Canada and the USA. Mr. Talbot says that MetalTrace® helps enable Flextech to provide a“presentation of professionalism” to the regulators and industry and he is proud to be associated
with MetalTrace®. In fact he said “If MetalTrace was gone tomorrow I (Graham) would be very upset”.

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