Norwesco Industries

Norwesco Industries was established in 1961. It is 100% employee owned and operated and the employees have well over 400 years of combined experience and customer commitment to quality and dependability.

Until 2011, all the MTRs received by Norwesco were kept as paper copies, stored in three ring binders with cross reference information and entered in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The manual system worked well when there were not many documents. However, as business and the client demand for more MTRs increased, the amount of time spent filing, cross-referencing and then searching for and finding MTRs became more and more excessive. Norwesco began searching for a system that required much less manual effort and “does everything”. It was soon discovered that MetalTrace® appeared to be what they were looking for and as an added bonus, the Norwesco office and the MetalTrace® office were about three miles apart.

Norwesco contracted to have MetalTrace® installed and within a month the system was operational, the staff were trained on its use and they already began to enjoy the efficiencies. In the words of Pat Boyko of Norwesco, “MetalTrace® does everything pretty seamlessly and there are very few problems thus very few reasons to contact MetalTrace for support. However, MetalTrace does reach out and contact us about once per quarter just to check in. There was a major MetalTrace® upgrade recently which was completed seamlessly and easily. MetalTrace® took care of everything.”

The Norwesco MTR document management team has not decreased in size but the MTR workload has decreased so employees can better utilize their time and perform other activities for the company.

When asked if Norwesco would choose MetalTrace® again, the answer was humorously stated, “Well I am still paying you aren’t I? Yes, I would absolutely choose MetalTrace again.”

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