Van Leeuwen Australia

When Piet Van Leeuwen started trading in steel pipe and iron in 1924 in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands,he would not have expected that his company would grow into the globally operating trading company Van Leeuwen is today. The first foreign branch was founded in 1947 in Vilvoorde, Belgium, after which the European network expanded. In the 1970s and 1980s, global expansion followed, with branches in North America, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, China, Central Europe and South America. This network allows Van Leeuwen to provide customers around the world with the right pipes, tubes and component sat exactly the right moment. Van Leeuwen is driven by what markets and customers require now and in the future.

Van Leeuwen Australia was introduced to MetalTrace® through information it received from other company divisions in North America and Europe. At the time, Van Leeuwen Australia was using a system name dInfosys/ISIS and it was a single user system only, with little functionality and other limitations including speed issues.

The decision was made to implement MetalTrace® and the company was pleasantly surprised to discover the MetalTrace® team was even more professional, punctual, on-time and over-delivered on the Van Leeuwen specifications and requirements than expected. After implementing MetalTrace®, although the document management team size did not change, it became much more efficient and eliminated complications to get documents and became more responsive to client needs. Van Leeuwen has a primarily project driven customer base and it is essential to provide documents at the beginning and end of projects and MetalTrace® makes that quick and easy. Customers often comment on the ease they have of finding their documents.

Simon Sassine, National IT and Communications Manager says, ”MetalTrace® training was valuable and checked all the boxes when transitioning from the test to production system. The MetalTrace® team taught the users everything from end to end and didn’t just drop a program on them. The treatment was the same from the start to the finish and through to today. Easy to talk to, easy process and even though we are on opposite sides of the world, emails are answered quickly and phone calls are answered right away. I would choose MetalTrace® again,any day.”

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